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AfterSales Services

After-sales service at IDH?

Customer serviceat IDH is one of the best ways to consolidate the growth of a business, especially if all aspects are taken care of in all phases of pre-sales, sales and after-sales. Precisely, the after-sales service is one of the most neglected and in sectors such as real estate it is necessary to attend to all phases, but, above all, the real estate after-sales service.

What is the after-sales service of a real estate agency?

The customer service carried out after a sale is an added value that we offer at IDH, so that the owners are satisfied and happy with the services of our real estate agency or the agent who has facilitated the process of selling their property.

This means two things, firstly that we will have a happy client and secondly that we aim to get more clients from the first owner.

Many estate agents think about acquiring properties of all types in order to have as large and varied a portfolio as possible. We focus on getting owners, it is a change of mentality and therefore a change of strategy. We believe that houses are not bought, but that it is the owners who acquire them.

That is to say, the more owners and owners we have active in our database, the more possibilities we will have of selling or acquiring the houses or flats we are most interested in. At IDH , it makes perfect sense to approach the problem from a different point of view to the traditional one, but one that is totally effective in practice.

For IDH, good sales practices translate into good comments, a better image of the agency, reduced advertising costs, customer loyalty, increased sales, increased labour productivity and labour profitability and business opportunities and growth.

All of the above are benefits that we achieve as a real estate company if we make a sale that exceeds the expectations of the owner and if we offer a quality real estate after-sales service. For IDH, the sale does not end when the keys are handed over to the owner, but the process lasts longer and never ends.

We care for and think of the owners as if they were our children, and it is by encouraging our clients and thinking about aspects such as the management of problems that occur afterwards that make the difference between a quality service and an ordinary one.

At IDH, we know very well that buying a property is not something we do many times, hopefully once or twice in our life and if we are very lucky more, but the truth is that we will not easily forget a company that has helped us to manage the purchase of our life.

For all of the above reasons, at IDH we focus our efforts on the real estate after-sales service.

How does the after-sales service work at IDH?

  • We reduce to the maximum the response time to customer requests.
  • Friendliness and attentiveness in our dealings.
  • Professionalism and quality of the service offered at all stages.
  • Follow-up of customer problems.
  • Execution time of requests and incidents.
  • Checking of the most repeated incidents in order to reduce them.

All these points allow us to strengthen our after-sales strategy, however, if we had to keep a couple of them, they would be the quality of the treatment and a quick execution of the requests. As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, a sale does not end when the keys are handed over, but we also have to be attentive to everything that happens afterwards.

For IDH, winning over the client and raising their expectations means gaining their trust. To do this, the name of our agency must precede us, because the process of managing the sale of a property is difficult and if the contact with a client starts well because they are familiar with our presence and they have heard good things about us, it will save us work and we will save steps in the sales process.

Calle Canónigo Torres 8
Torrevieja (Alicante)
  • Ideal Dream Homes, SL
  • Calle Canónigo Torres 8
  • 03181 Torrevieja (Alicante)
  • +34865754346
  • +34642807995

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